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It cannot be denied that the Netherlands is a country rich in football masters. Michels, the godfather of offense and defense, Cruyff who created the original Tiki-taka tactics, and Van Gaal whose tactical thinking is regarded as the standard, have conquered countless people in different eras. Known as the "father of youth training", Weier Kehua was also born in this country that is so obsessed with football.

不可否认,荷兰是一个足球巨匠之国。进攻与防御的教父米歇尔(Michels),创造了原始提基塔克(Tiki-taka)策略的克鲁伊夫(Cruyff)和以战术思想为标准的范加尔(Van Gaal),征服了不同时代的无数人。被称为“青年训练之父”的威尔·科华(Weier Kehua)也出生在这个痴迷足球的国家。

Compared with the contemporary Michels, the light of Kehua is obviously much bleak. In the player era, the fortunes were poor and conservative injuries were plagued. Kehua's career was not a glorious career. Many experienced Dutch fans are also unfamiliar with him. However, for Kehua, the player era can only occupy a small part of his football career, and his achievements are more after he coached.


In 1974, as the coach of PSV Eindhoven, he led the team to win the Eredivisie and the Europa League. At the same time, Kehua also clearly realizes that there is still a big gap between its own team and the world's top teams. Why giant teams can maintain their lasting competitiveness? Kehua set out to study their ways of success. After intensive research for a long time and still did not find the answer, Kehua began to focus on the individual.


That year, although the flying Dutch team did not defeat the Germans, under the leadership of Michels, Orange Storm gained a large number of fans. Cruyff, who is the head star of the team, is the superstar in the entire football world. He won three European football players, and the brilliant Cruyff became the research object of scientific research.

那年,尽管荷兰飞行队没有击败德国人,但在米歇尔(Michels)的领导下,橙色风暴(Orange Storm)赢得了众多粉丝。克鲁伊夫是球队的头号明星,是整个足球界的超级巨星。他赢得了三名欧洲足球运动员,而辉煌的克鲁伊夫成为科学研究的对象。

Through the analysis of Cruyff's growth experience, the use environment of each of his technical movements, every step and every technical movement he moves on the court. Weir Co-Hua found that as long as you have super players with "decisive moments", you have more resources to talk about tactics, and players like Cruyff can also be trained through systematic training.

通过分析克鲁伊夫的成长经历,他在球场上所进行的每个技术动作,每一步和每个技术动作的使用环境。韦尔·科华(Weir Co-Hua)发现,只要您拥有具有“决定性时刻”的超级球员,您就有更多的资源谈论战术,并且像克鲁伊夫这样的球员也可以通过系统的培训来训练。

Since then, he expanded the scope of his research to such superstars as Di Stefano, Puskas, Bobby Charlton, George Best, Beckenbauer, and Pele. Kehua collects statistics on their kicking skills and movements, and builds models of the technical characteristics of players in different positions based on the differences in their kicking methods and positions.


Scientific training is depicted by a pyramid chart, which includes 6 components, ball control, passing and receiving, offense and defense of one team, speed, shooting, and team.


Kehua focuses on children aged 8-12. He firmly believes that as long as the children are trained through the training system he designed, they are very likely to become superstars in the future. Training is systematized by age group, and each movement has strict regulations. The purpose of this tutorial is very clear: to train players with strong personal abilities. At the time, his theory seemed almost crazy.


After entering the 1980s, the theory of scientific technology was gradually recognized by the times. Bobby Robson even supported Kehua’s youth training theory, and the two also forged a deep friendship. The birth of the legendary Manchester United Class of 92 is also closely related to Kehua football course.

进入1980年代后,科学技术理论逐渐被时代所认可。鲍比·罗布森(Bobby Robson)甚至支持科华的青年训练理论,而且两人也结下了深厚的友谊。传奇的曼联92班的诞生也与科华足球场息息相关。

Because Michels' tactical concept is highly respected in the Netherlands, the scientific training method has not been accepted by the Football Association. Although it has lost the opportunity to take root in the Netherlands, the scientific transformation of the stigmatization has ushered in another spring in Europe. In this regard, in the history of European football, a historical dark line was laid.


Dutch football continues to implement Michels’ full offense and defense. As a protégé of Science and Technology, René Mullenstein brought his theory to Manchester United and assisted the then Manchester United coach Ferguson in training that year. The teenager who came out of Madeira-Ronaldo. Later, when Ronaldo conquered Europe with his super personal skills, he could also see the imprint of scientific training on him.


The most dazzling star of the Dutch team, Cruyff, chose to go to the Iberian Peninsula with the tactical philosophy of mentor Michels. In 1979, Cruyff suggested to the then Barcelona chairman Nunez that the success of the Ajax youth academy should be introduced to Barcelona. Subsequently, the La Masia Youth Training Camp was officially established. Since then, many legends that have become famous in the world of football have been secretly conceived in the stone house next to the Nou Camp. Compared with the advocacy of personal skills in the "Science Course", Cruyff, who inherited Michels' mantle, pays more attention to tactical literacy and overall team building. La Masia also bears fruitful results. Players such as Guardiola, Busquets, Xiaobai, Xavi and others have all come out from here, and of course, it also includes the outstanding work of La Masia-Messi.

荷兰队中最耀眼的明星克鲁伊夫选择以导师米歇尔斯的战术哲学前往伊比利亚半岛。 1979年,克鲁伊夫向当时的巴塞罗那主席努涅兹建议,将阿贾克斯青年学院的成功经验引入巴塞罗那。随后,拉马西亚青年训练营正式成立。从那时起,在诺坎普球场旁的石屋中秘密构思了许多在足球界广为流传的传奇。与“科学课程”中提倡的个人技能相比,继承了米歇尔斯的思想的克鲁伊夫更加注重战术素养和整体团队建设。拉马西亚(La Masia)也取得了丰硕的成果。瓜迪奥拉,布斯克茨,小白,哈维等球员都来自这里,当然,其中也包括拉马西亚-梅西的出色作品。

Cruyff’s youth training philosophy has taken the world by storm, and the scientific youth training philosophy has also spread. It has been accepted by many countries around the world, and many football talents have been born, such as Robben, Ruud van Nis -Cole wait.


FIFA has been promoting the "Science-Based Football" project, and Japan is the beneficiary of "Sci-Tech Training". In 1993, Japan comprehensively carried out "scientific training", focusing on training U12 youths. It is from then that Japanese football has completely embarked on the road of technical football. Under the influence of the rise of Japanese football, the Chinese Football Association is currently vigorously promoting scientific football training methods.

FIFA一直在推动“基于科学的足球”项目,而日本是“科学技术培训”的受益者。 1993年,日本全面开展了“科学培训”,重点培训U12青年。从那时起,日本足球就完全走上了技术足球之路。在日本足球兴起的影响下,中国足协目前正在大力推广科学的足球训练方法。