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亚博体彩软件:中甲综述:绿胜大胜辽宁闯入冲超组 昆山小胜晋级

   On October 15th, the last round of the first stage of China A was the 10th round. Chengdu beat Hohhot 1-0, Greentown 5-1 defeated Shenyang City, Shaanxi lost Meizhou 2-3, Beiti University defeated Suzhou 4-0 and Kunshan defeated Xinjiang 1-0 and entered the south with a 2 point advantage. In the super group, Nantong drew 1-1 with Heilongjiang, only to enter the relegation group. At this point, the first stage of the 2020 Chinese Premier League is over, and all 6 teams in the super group have been formed: Chengdu Xingcheng, Taizhou Yuanda, Meizhou Hakka, Zhejiang Energy Greentown, Changchun Yatai, and Kunshan FC. The remaining 12 teams will enter the relegation group.


   Chengdu 1-0 Hohhot

   Cheng读 1-0 ho好hot

   After the first 9 rounds, Chengdu had 7 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss and accumulated 22 points. It has locked the top of Group A and is the best record among the 18 Chinese teams. Hohhot had 1 win, 4 draws, 4 losses, and 7 points. The team will enter the relegation group in the next stage. The historical clash was only once in the first leg, Chengdu 2-0 Hohhot. In the 27th minute of the first half, Chengdu launched an offense. Ma Xiaolei was knocked to the ground when his left rib breached, and the referee decisively awarded a penalty kick. Quintana made a calm approach and hit the upper corner, deceiving goalkeeper Geng Xiaofeng, and the ball hit the net. Chengdu led Hohhot 1-0. After the easy side battle, the two teams have no achievements. In the end, with Quintana's penalty kick, Chengdu beat Hohhot 1-0.

经过前9回合,成都取得7胜1平1负的成绩,累积了22分。它已经锁定了A组的头名,并且是18个中国队中最好的记录。呼和浩特取得1胜4平4负7负。该团队将在下一阶段进入降级小组。历史上的交锋仅在首回合一次,即呼和浩特2-0。在上半场的第27分钟,成都发动了进攻。马小雷左肋骨折时被撞倒在地,裁判果断判罚点球。金塔纳(Quintana)采取了镇定的方法,将球门将耿小峰(Geng Xiaofeng)欺骗了,并将球打到了球网。成都以1-0领先呼和浩特。在轻松的边战之后,两支球队都没有成就。最后,随着金塔纳的点球大战,成都以1-0击败呼和浩特。

   Green City 5-1 Shenyang City


   In the first half, Greentown won a free kick in the 4th minute. Li Wei stepped on and Dino followed up with a left-footed volley. The ball went straight into the near corner, 1-0, Greentown took the lead. In the 8th minute, Greentown made a comeback. Yue Xin broke into the penalty area from the left and knocked on the middle. Dong Yu followed up with an easy push, 2-0, and Greentown expanded the score. In the 19th minute, Greentown scored another goal. After Yue Xin broke through the confrontation with his personal ability, he opened his left foot volley and scored the goal. Greentown led 3-0.

上半场,格林敦在第4分钟获得任意球。李伟上台,迪诺跟着左脚抽射跟进。球径直扑入近角,格林镇1-0领先。在第8分钟,格林敦卷土重来。岳欣从左边闯入禁区,并敲中。 Dong Yu轻松地将比分改写为2-0,Greentown扩大了比分。在第19分钟,格林敦又攻入一球。岳欣以自己的能力克服对抗后,打开了左脚凌空抽射进球。绿城3-0领先。

After    changed sides, Greentown's offensive became more vigorous. In the 58th minute, Greentown reorganized the offensive force again. Cheng Jin made a pass from the right. After Dino's header was blocked by Liu Jun, Martins easily made a shot in front of the goal and Greentown led 4-0. In the 60th minute, Greentown continued to score. Dino scored the goal after stealing in the frontcourt. Martins single-handedly pushed to the corner and succeeded, 5-0, Greentown led the way. In the 82nd minute, the city of Shenyang, Liaoning made a pass from the left, Zhu Shiyu's header was blocked by Yue Xin with his arm, and then the referee made a penalty kick. Yang Jian made the penalty. Shenyang, Liaoning pulled it back, 5-1. 3 minutes made up. After time, the whole game ended, and finally Greentown defeated Shenyang City, Liaoning by a big score of 5-1.

双方改变立场后,绿城的进攻变得更加活跃。在第58分钟,格林敦再次重组了进攻力量。程进从右边传出球。 Dino的头球被Liu Jun挡住后,Martins轻松地在球门前射门,Greentown领先4-0。在第60分钟,格林敦继续得分。迪诺(Dino)在前场抢断后进球。马丁斯一手推到了角落,并以5比0成功地领先了绿城。第82分钟,辽宁省沉阳市左路传中,朱时宇的头球被岳昕用胳膊挡住,裁判判罚点球。杨健判罚。辽宁沉阳以5-1的优势将其撤回。 3分钟组成。一段时间之后,整场比赛结束了,最终绿城以5-1的大比分击败了辽宁省沉阳市。



   In the 35th minute of the first half, Meizhou broke the deadlock on the court. At that time, Meizhou made a pass from the right and dropped it into the penalty area. Dunbia’s header was blocked by the defender. The ball fell at Giessen’s feet. After Giessen adjusted the ball, he scored a low shot and Meizhou took the lead 1-0. Shaanxi. In the 39th minute, Meizhou attacked again, Dunbia knocked on the right side, Cui Wei scored the ball in front of the penalty area, and the teenager Cai Haochang directly tried to attack the goal from a long distance. The ball went directly into the right corner of the goal. Meizhou 2- 0 leads Shaanxi.


   Easy side to fight again, both sides attacked more fiercely. In the 47th minute, Shaanxi counterattacked and sent a penetrating through ball from the backcourt. Yang He took advantage of the situation and started to score a single goal in the penalty area. Shaanxi scored a point, 1-2. In the 53rd minute, Albi got a chance to set the ball in the front court. Han Guanghui followed up with a vigorous volley and broke the net. Shaanxi Meizhou equalized 2-2. In the 74th minute, Meizhou’s right corner kick was dropped into the penalty area, Liang Nuoheng scored a header from the center, Meizhou defeated Shaanxi 3-2.

易方再战,双方进攻更加猛烈。第47分钟,陕西反击,并从后场送出一记穿透球。 Yang He利用这种情况,开始在禁区内得分。陕西得到1-2分。在第53分钟,阿尔比(Albi)有机会将球传到了前场。韩光辉紧随其后,抽射破网。陕西梅州2-2扳平比分。第74分钟,梅州的右脚任意球落入禁区,梁诺恒从中锋头球攻入,梅州3-2击败陕西。

   North Sports University 4-0 Suzhou


   In the 34th minute of the first half, North Sports University launched an attack and obtained a set ball. At the top of the arc, Tang Shi rubbed the ball and hit the crossbar, collided with the high, and then landed. Xu Haoyang quickly made up the shot with his eyes and legs. The Beijing University of Sport 1-0 Suzhou took the lead. In the 41st minute, Yan Xiang rushed through the perimeter penetrating through, Ovoyeli advanced in a small angle to break the goal, North Sports University 2-0 Suzhou, expanded the score.


In the 47th minute, the North Sports team launched an offensive. Tang Shi picked a pass, Xu Haoyang passed back, Huang Wei played again, hitting Wang Haitao to bounce the goal net, North Sports University 3-0 Suzhou . In the 72nd minute, it was Wang Haitao who scored the ball in the midfield for three consecutive people. The low shot and the far end cut double shots. The North Sports team turned the score into 4-0. After the whole game, the North Sports University beat Suzhou 4-0.




Before the start of the game, Changchun Yatai of Group C had already ranked first in the group with 21 points. Kunshan FC took the lead and Nantong Zhiyun ranked second in the group due to the mutual win-loss relationship. To ensure that the group entered second In the competition for the championship group, then they are bound to take all three points in this game. Xinjiang currently ranks at the bottom of the group with only three points. They are the only team that has not won this season. In the 35th minute of the first half, Kunshan got a free kick at the front of the penalty area. Pirie took a free kick and hit the goal directly. The ball drew an arc and flew to the right of the goal. Kunshan FC 1-0 led Xinjiang Snow Leopards Nahuan. The two teams attacked and defended each other in the second half, but neither scored. In the end, Kunshan FC1-0 beat the Xinjiang Snow Leopard Nahuan.

比赛开始前,C组的长春亚泰已经以21分排名第一。昆山足球俱乐部率先,南通智运由于相互之间的输赢关系而排名第二。为了确保该组在冠军组比赛中名列第二,那么他们势必在这场比赛中获得全部三分。新疆目前仅以3分排在最后。他们是本赛季唯一没有赢过的球队。在上半场的第35分钟,昆山在禁区前沿获得任意球。皮里开出任意球,直接射门得分。球划出弧线,飞向了球门的右边。昆山FC 1-0带领新疆雪豹纳欢。下半场,两支球队互相进攻并防守,但均未得分。最终,昆山FC1-0击败了新疆雪豹纳欢。

Nantong 1-1 Heilongjiang


   After the nine rounds of the league, Nantong Zhiyunji ranked third with 15 points and Heilongjiang FC ranked fourth with 9 points. In the 34th minute of the first half, Nantong took the lead to break the deadlock. At that time, Xu Junmin from the middle of the front court of Nantong drove straight in. He shot from the front of the penalty area and hit the net. Nantong led Heilongjiang 1-0. In the 90th minute, Heilongjiang passed a long pass from the right, Evolo shook his head and scored to tie the score. In the end, Nantong Zhiyun 1-1 shook hands with Heilongjiang FC.