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【亚博体彩软件】“蒙古骑士”阿拉腾黑力明日出战 剑指UFC三连胜

This Sunday, UFC Fighting Island will usher in the landing of the first Chinese player. "Mongolian knight" Alatengheli will face the American player Kathy Kenny. It is also nearly five months later that another Chinese player will play in the octagonal cage. .

这个星期天,UFC格斗岛将迎来第一位中国选手的登陆。 “蒙古骑士”阿拉特格里将面对美国选手凯西·肯尼。同样在将近五个月之后,另一位中国选手将进入八角笼。 。

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Heili’s opponent, Casey Kenny, is 29 years old and has a height and wingspan of 170 cm. He started to practice judo at the age of five, and got a black belt second dan, nine times won the national judo championship, and also studied free wrestling and classical wrestling, and won many state championships.

海利的对手凯西·肯尼(Casey Kenny)今年29岁,身高170厘米。他从五岁开始练习柔道,并获得黑带亚军,九次获得全国柔道冠军,还研究了自由摔跤和古典摔跤,并赢得了许多州冠军。


In 2019, he played on the bench against Ray Berg six days before the game and won by a unanimous decision, which allowed Kenny to sign the UFC. Since entering the organization, Kenny has played 4 games and scored 3 wins and 1 loss.


As a "double wrestling" player, Kenny also prefers to use judo foot skills to fall down opponents, except for the dive and hug, but in an average of 15 minutes, his success rate is only 1.35 times.


Kenny's standing play is fierce and tough. From the data point of view, his hit rate is 42%, hitting opponents an average of 3.66 times per minute, which has reached the UFC bantamweight midstream level. At the same time, as an anti-frame player,


Like the hug, Kenny’s drop resistance rate cannot be called excellent.


On the other hand, after occupying a dominant position on the ground, Kenny mainly takes control of his opponent instead of arranging ground hammers.



The Chinese player, "Mongolian knight" Alatengheli, who is the same age as his opponent, joined the UFC in 2019 and won two consecutive victories. Black power of wrestler origin,


In the UFC game, Heili was not fallen. But Heili has not yet encountered a real wrestling player in the UFC. This time facing the "double wrestling" Kenny, whether Heili can successfully contain his opponent on the ground and in a hug is also a big thing.


In terms of standing technique, compared to Kenny’s fierce and tough, black play style is more rhythmic


At the same time, once the heavy hit hits the opponent, it can also deal more damage at one time.


In the previous two games, Heili’s tactical choice was to stand up and defensively in the first two rounds, and then take the initiative to hug and throw in the third round, which achieved good results, and whether it was Tanner or Benoit,


The active hug and wrestling started in the third round also fully proved that Heili had sufficient physical reserves and played very smartly.


This time against Kenny, if Heili chooses the same tactic, then


Black Force’s opponent Benoit in the last game, he is also an anti-frame like Kenny, and is very similar in some aspects.

在上一场比赛中,Black Force的对手Benoit也是肯尼(Kenny)的反框架,并且在某些方面非常相似。

As the first Chinese player to go to Fight Island, Heili must have experienced some hardships that he had never experienced before in the preparations for the early game. In addition, this game is played in the early hours of Abu Dhabi. How to adjust the biological clock to him? That is also the top priority.


No one commented, but quiet


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