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Hupu News, October 13 Who is the most popular British reporter in October? It must be Sam Wallace of the Daily Telegraph. Through a series of follow-up reports on the Premier League's PBP plan, Sam Wallace can be said to be the most popular. Just now, the Telegraph once again released an exclusive report, assisted by well-known journalists such as Sam Wallace, Ben Rumsby, John Percy, and Matt Law. They said that opponents of the Premier League’s reform plan have already released harsh words. Makes the English football world split directly, so this plan should be "dead."

虎报新闻,10月13日谁是十月最受欢迎的英国记者?一定是《每日电讯报》的萨姆·华莱士。通过有关英超联赛PBP计划的一系列后续报告,可以说萨姆·华莱士最受欢迎。不久前,《电讯报》再次发布了独家报道,由Sam Wallace,Ben Rumsby,John Percy和Matt Law等著名记者协助。他们说,英超改革计划的反对者已经发表了严厉的言论。使英国足球界直接分裂,所以这个计划应该是“死法”。

According to reports, these opponents directly stated that the PBP plan was dead.


On Sunday, the Daily Telegraph revealed a shocking proposal drafted by Liverpool and Manchester United. The English football world was abruptly divided into two factions, and the proposal was almost won by the 72 clubs of the English Football League (EFL). All support. The source said that the sponsors will face huge resistance from the Premier League. Manchester United, Liverpool and other giant clubs that support them, the only way out is to leave the Premier League and rejoin the EFL.


"Daily Telegraph" Sports learned that neither Liverpool nor Manchester United's American boss is ready to leave the Premier League, which has brought the situation to a deadlock. This shocking proposal includes an unprecedented transfer of control to the wealthiest clubs, the establishment of a top-tier league with only 18 clubs, a £250 million bailout for the EFL, and 25% of annual revenue to the EFL. But this proposal needs the majority support of 14 clubs to pass. This seems unlikely to happen at or after the Wednesday meeting.


What remains unclear is how the four so-called Big6s, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City, will support this plan. There is also a certain degree of uncertainty in Everton's ideas-the club has ambitions to enter the Champions League, and because they have been playing in the top league for a long time, they can also get the special voting rights owned by Big9 in the PBP proposal.

尚不清楚的是四个所谓的Big6,切尔西,阿森纳,托特纳姆热刺和曼城将如何支持这一计划。埃弗顿的想法也存在一定程度的不确定性-俱乐部有进军欧洲冠军联赛的雄心,并且由于他们已经在顶级联赛中打了很长时间了,他们还可以获得在Big9中拥有的特别投票权。 PBP提案。

As of Monday, none of the seven clubs is ready to publicly announce their position on PBP. The EFL clubs received further details on what the fiscal reforms in the PBP proposal meant for them.

截至周一,这七个俱乐部中没有一家准备公开宣布其在PBP的立场。 EFL俱乐部收到了有关PBP提案中的财政改革对他们意味着什么的更多详细信息。

The Premier League has informed the clubs that the total amount of funds in the PBP proposal is not counted together—and the entire estimate is based on an unrealistic prediction. They predict that the 2022-23 season will increase the broadcast share by 100%. 10 out of 10, which is obviously too low feasibility. The analysis of the Premier League indicated that in the drafted new Premier League with 18 clubs, the income of non-rich clubs will be reduced and reduced, and the status and criteria of the Premier League as the fairest league in European football will also be Directly lost, the competitiveness of the league will further decline. The club has been told that if PBP is adopted, the income gap between the top clubs and the bottom-ranked clubs will drop from the current 1 to 7 to 1 to 4 in 2025-2026.


The FA has not publicly announced whether it will block the PBP proposal, but it opposes the cancellation of the August Community Shield to raise funds for charity. On Tuesday, the 24 English Championship clubs will hold an emergency meeting; on Wednesday, the EFL board of directors will also conduct emergency consultations; on Thursday, the FA Council will finally hold an emergency meeting.

英足总尚未公开宣布是否会阻止PBP提案,但反对取消八月社区盾来筹集慈善资金。周二,英国24个冠军俱乐部将举行紧急会议。 EFL董事会还将在周三进行紧急磋商;星期四,足协理事会将最终举行一次紧急会议。